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CONTROLS   o: previous tune    p: play    n: next tune     s: stop    M: mute speaker    The round dial beside it controls volume.
At the bottom - Z: random   l: loop

All music composed by Dan Elliot, except BRAZIL (written by Michael Kamen, arrangement by Dan Elliot) and Moonlight Sonata (Sonata in C# minor, 2nd movement by L. V. Beethoven, orchestration by Dan Elliot).

ROLLIN: Lyrics by James Reardon, vocals by John Willett
TIME: Lyrics by James Reardon, vocals and verse melody by Carlo DiBattista

SPREADATION, TRIBATION and DESPREADATION are from The Rainforest Suite, movements one (East Asia), two (Africa) and six (South America) respectively.

The selections SPREADATION, DESPREADATION, ROLLIN and TIME, were recorded in a sound studio. All others were straight dumps from synthesier to tape with no processing.